Content Strategist


Do you jump for joy at the opportunity to create cool and engaging content? Are you always the storyteller around the campfire or the person that all of your friends go to for the perfect Instagram caption?

We are looking for a Content Strategist that can actively listen and understand a client’s goals, and then create and execute a content strategy that will make their hopes and dreams come true. Basically, you’re a fairy godmother!

The marketing world is constantly evolving, which means that we have to keep up. Our content strategies include the creation of website copy, blog content, sponsored content, photography, videography, social media advertising, public relations management, and pretty well whatever else we can dream up to showcase how awesome our clients are.

We need someone who is creative without being too attached to their work. We know that you care a lot about what you do, but it won't always be the right fit - and that's ok. We need someone who can write in multiple styles about multiple subjects. You must be able to write with the same zest about concrete and HVAC systems as you do ice cream and puppies!

This position WILL test your writing skills and creative abilities in the extreme, and the right candidate will need to have a keen sense of business and marketing.

Our ideal candidate will possess the following skills and traits:

  • Strong written and spoken English is a MUST
  • A passion for storytelling and an understanding of what engages readers
  • Friendly, outgoing personality
  • Photography skills are an asset
  • Videography skills are an asset
  • ‚ÄčThe ability to think outside-the-box. They call us ‘creatives’ for a reason!

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